Home Electrician: Intervention On Time Or Forfeit?

An electrician can charge you for an hour or a flat rate. The packages are preferably used for actions that can be estimated in advance, such as various facilities: a new switchboard switches or plugs. For a repair, your electrician will offer you a higher rate per hour.

How Are The Prices Of An Electrician Calculated?

Hourly rates for a home electrician can vary depending on many factors. First, if you live in the province, count between 35 and 45 € per hour. In the Paris region, the hourly rates of an electrician will rarely be under € 45, and will often be higher.

Then know that at night, on weekends and holidays, rates will usually be doubled. This element is essential to consider.

To this, you must add travel expenses, which are around 20 €. So think of finding the right balance between travel expenses and hourly rate in case an electrician offers low prices but comes from far away.

Finally, since your intervention concerns an electrical repair, if parts are to change, you will also have to pay them. The cost of hardware varies greatly depending on whether there are a few fuses or a significant amount of wiring to replace.

And Vat In All This?

The prices charged by the electricians are HT. The VAT that is then applied depends on the age of your accommodation. Since 1 January 2014, VAT amounts have changed. For old housing, i.e., more than two years, the VAT applicable for a repair of electricity is 10%. For a new home built less than two years ago, the VAT is 20%.

When To Seek Emergency Electrician Service

In general, the job of an emergency responder is to restore power to any home or office that has experienced a power outage. He is also responsible for making all necessary repairs to the electrical network. It is essential to ensure that the professional has the required level of competence to perform the requested task. Indeed, the professional must be able to work quickly, efficiently and precisely identify the problem.

Problems with the power grid must be taken seriously. We must quickly take the necessary measures to provide a solution since even slight breakage has a significant impact on your living environment or work.

It is recommended to do business with a company of several professionals providing such services, rather than with an isolated professional. Thus, such companies benefit from the expertise of a large number of electricians and can more efficiently diagnose your problem, and you send the team that will know best how to solve it. These companies will be able to offer faster service because they have larger staff on hand.

If you have questions about how to do business with such a company? Here are two examples of where you might need such professionals:

  1. If you realize that your electricity bill is continually increasing, it is possible that a problem in your electrical circuit is involved. You can contact the services of an electrician to do a check of your network, and he will be able to detect if defects or break of the system would be the cause.
  2. If you suspect there is a problem in your electrical circuit, it is strongly suggested to use such a service. Even if this is done only preventively, it may prevent potential future severe problems.